Why Invest In A Farmhouse In Noida?

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Do you wish to join the alliance of the individuals who possess huge farmhouses and use it as an end of the week resigning goal? Alaska Green Farms presents to you the opportunity to claim such a farmhouse in Noida where you can appreciate the advantage of leaning back in the lap of nature, developing your very own Organic farm food while earning a good sum out of the agricultural produce.

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Why buy a Farmhouse

With most properties over India's metro cities seeing a value rise, one thought gliding among the Traditional Investors is to invest in rural/Agricultural land, which is normally tax-Free.

Where to Buy

The listings on Magicbricks show that the areas, Among Noida sector 135, 132 and Noida sector 150 are popular to own a farmhouse. Prices for a Fully Constructed farmhouse in these areas range from Rs 70 lakh to Rs 5 crore, depending upon the place and size of the land.

“Farmhouse symbolize luxury and are not a common real estate choice like others. Since the city does not have sufficient space for big houses, areas close to the city are preferred for farmhouses,” says by the owner, Alaska Green Farms.

“If you want to make a profit, your farm should have some agricultural element. Chiko’s, coconuts and mango trees are grown in the orchards and in the peak season they fetch excellent money as the cultivation is large scale,” says Patani. And you Can also do Organic Farming For your Self and Plant Vegetables for your own.

That’s not all! Vineet Aggarwal, owner of one such farmhouse in Alaska Green Farms says, “Most farmhouses are developed and apart from regular vegetation and have a very Pleasent environment with 0% Pollution, and Greenery All around.”

Usually, farmhouses that are on sale are partially developed, with the other half left to be developed as per the owner’s discretion. However, those dealing with such transactions say that the market for fully-developed farmhouses is swift compared to others which normally take three to four months to move in the market. We Also Offer you the only land, the minimum Land that we Offer you is 1008 sq.ydd i.e. 1 Bigha, Which will cost you Rs-51 lacs.

Who’s buying

Usually, the buyers are Indian having a good budget. “NRIs are not allowed to buy certain immovable property in India as per the RBI regulations, which includes agricultural land,”. However, these farmhouses are a niche choice for those who want space and the luxury of being away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Alaska Green Farms Provide You Luxury At a Very Affordable Price.


"There are two types of a farmhouse in Noida – one where a developer builds the modern farmhouse and sells it directly, and others where one has to leave a certain portion of land for agriculture and greenery and in some part it, a house is developed. In areas where a certain portion is mandatory to be left for greenery and agriculture while making any farmhouse purchase, the buyer is required to be a farmer or belong to a family of agriculturalists," says Noida Authority.

Before you buy a farmhouse in Noida, check for the clear title and study About Our Project Alaska Green Farms on Our Website. Majorly used as weekend houses, farmhouses can be an option for you to consider!

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